In the following sections you will get some quick start guideance about how to get started with D development on embedded Linux running on ARM processors.The BeagleBone Black is used as exemplary embedded Linux development board. A lot of documentation with relation to common topics like the boards system architecture, hardware, etc. is available in the internet and in books.

The intent

Helping others to learn how to use D in an embedded Linux environment.

The vision

My personal vision is to use D in robotics.

This projects shall help people to get started doing something like this chair climbing humanoid robot controlled by a BeagleBone (Youtube) which is programmed in C++ or this self-balancing robot controlled by a BeagleBone (Youtube) with an implementation in D instead.

By providing a port of the existing main ROS client libraries (C++, Python, Lisp) as experimental ROS client library implemeneted in D (like e.g. Java, Go, etc.) ROS nodes implemented in D could be used as part of a ROS based system. This would ease the creation of robots like the one above using the ROS framework.

Educational Robotics Critical for the Future of Linux (YouTube)

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