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Relevant for ARM

D everywhere! (DConf Talk)

Abstract: Using LLVM as backend enables LDC to target many CPU architectures, ranging from ARM and MIPS based embedded systems and smartphones over server systems based on POWER and Sparc up to the "big iron" z System. D everywhere seems possible!

Developing in D

Shared libraries in D (DConf Talk)

Benefits: Getting an overview of what's possible and what should be possible with shared libraries.

D-Specific Design Patterns (DConf Talk)

Abstract: The D programming language offers a variety of abstractions not found together in any other language. In particular, D's compile time metaprogramming facilities are a game changer, especially when combined with its low-level programming capabilities.

Benefits: Attendees will be exposed to a variety of useful programming techniques that are obvious only in hindsight. These will certainly be useful in D and may even affect their programming style in other languages where these techniques are less obvious but still possible.

Code Analysis for D with AnalyzeD (DConf Talk)

Abstract: (...) Professional Programming in teams requires a common clean coding style. This could be enforced using code reviews, but the simpler and less offensive way to achieve this is by using a tool as style cop. (...)

xkcd (code quality)

xkcd (cod quality 2)

xkcd (cod quality 3)

xkcd (bug)

Writing Testable D (DConf Talk)

Abstract: (...) The solution is to keep coders, not QA, responsible for maintaining the quality of their individual components, and to make it trivial and fast to run just the right tests that cover the code the coder changes. (...)

Benefits: Learn how to write unit tests in D, and how to structure D code so it can be effectively unit tested.

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